A Simple 2 Step Guide on Repatriation of Your Loved One

On its own, death is a complex and delicate issue, and we frequently dread the day when we must deal with losing a loved one. When a loved one passes abroad, it is even more difficult, especially if you are unfamiliar with the repatriation process.

Whether you are a resident or a foreigner, there is a wide choice of funeral services in Singapore that offer repatriation services to help you safely send your loved one’s body back to their homeland.

1. Administrative Issues

Get the local authorities to identify the body and record the death as soon as a loved one dies. If the deceased had previously purchased any travel insurance that covered their end and the repatriation of their remains, contact your embassy in the country and the insurance provider. Your travel insurance provider will help you with any additional expenses during the grieving process.

Each nation has different rules and regulations governing identifying a body and certifying someone’s death. If you are a Singaporean, please get in touch with the Ministry of Foreign Affairs for assistance. You might also want to get a funeral service in your native country to help you navigate challenging administrative processes and other legal issues to make the process go more smoothly.

2. Return of Remains

Do some thought to how you want to grieve. A Singaporean who passes away abroad has two alternatives for returning home: either their body or their cremated ashes.

It is crucial to take the casket’s size into account while returning a body to Singapore and to ensure that it complies with applicable local burial or cremation rules. Due to shipping limitations and laws, this alternative will also cost more, and the expense of transportation may differ depending on the distance and weight.

Under some religious traditions, the next of kin might also need to take the same flight as the casket. If you are not travelling with the dead, make the appropriate preparations to fly on the same flight and take note of any potential flight schedules and expenses.

Policies differ if you want to bring your loved one’s ashes back home. Generally, ashes can be transported as cargo or brought into the aircraft with the passenger. Do consider the urn’s sizes to ensure they comply with regional standards.

The next of kin can be required to travel on the same flight as the casket under some religious traditions. Make the necessary preparations to go on the same flight if you are not travelling with the deceased, and keep track of any prospective flight schedules and costs.

Policies still vary if you want to bring your loved one’s ashes home. Ashes can be obtained with the passenger onboard or transferred as cargo. Do consider the urn’s dimensions to ensure they adhere to local standards.

Repatriation Out Of Singapore

There are two choices when an unfortunate foreigner passes away locally. The first choice would be a local cremation followed by a memorial service. The cremated remains would then be placed in an Urn and manually transported back to the deceased’s home country. The second choice would be to repatriate a dead person’s body.

The second alternative would call for more paperwork, and the cost is often determined by the final destination’s distance and the airline of choice. The following list includes the typical documents needed:

  • Death Certificate
  • Sealing Certificate for the coffin
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Export Permit
  • Air Waybill if transportation is by air

The necessary consular officials in Singapore would need to certify these documents. ICareFuneral helps with all the paperwork and arrangements required to return your loved one home safely. Contact us right away to learn more. Otherwise,

Repatriation Back To Singapore

If your loved one passes away abroad, we can assist in returning the body to Singapore. Before we can bring the body home, we also require a few documents. The following documents are necessary for the issue of the coffin import permit:

  • Death Certificate issued by the country where the death happened (Certificate had to be translated into English if it is in other languages)
  • Sealing Certificate for the coffin
  • Embalming Certificate
  • Coffin Export Permit from the country exporting the body
  • Air Waybill if transportation is by air

The Singapore Embassy in the location of the death must certify these documents.

With a vast global network, Harmony Funeral Care collaborates with several international Undertaker Companies to guarantee the deceased’s safe return from the location of death. In addition to the Philippines, India, Malaysia, China, Indonesia, Austria, Australia, and the United States of America, we have also repatriated bodies to these nations.

More specifically, we have trustworthy Undertaker Companies in Malaysia working with us to transport the full coffin containing the deceased back to Singapore for Singaporeans whose deaths occurred in Malaysia, notably Johor Bahru (JB).

Similarly, for Malaysians who died away in Singapore, we have associate undertaker companies with whom arrangements can be made to transport the departed effortlessly back to Malaysia. We carefully select whom we work with to guarantee that family members have peace of mind regarding their loved one’s bodies.

Upon the safe return of your loved one to Singapore, we will assist in planning the funeral, and memorial service on the decedent’s, if any, religious beliefs.

Companies or corporations frequently handle the repatriation process, mainly when the death results from a job accident. If so, there will be some additional documentation to complete. Contact us so we can provide more assistance. Otherwise, this article provides information on simple steps on what to do when a death happens overseas.


As previously said, bringing a loved one back home from abroad is a difficult legal one made even more difficult by probable linguistic and geographic difficulties. Use a funeral home with significant experience in repatriation services to soothe your concerns and lessen your load as you grieve. Your administrative and logistical problems will be taken care of, allowing you to concentrate on grieving during this difficult time.

At ICareFuneral, we recognize that professionalism, tact, and patience are essential. We provide the best funeral services in Singapore because of our expertise and experience. As we serve you and your loved ones with dignity and respect, we will assist you in guiding you through the funeral process.

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