Singapore Obituary: The Important 5 Things Everyone Must Know

It can be challenging to publish and locate obituaries in Singapore, particularly in tumultuous and unpredictable times. However, obituaries are among the most significant ways to inform friends and acquaintances of a loved one’s passing. We’ve created a guide to address all of your queries and worries about obituaries in an effort to make the process simpler for you.


1) What are Obituaries, and What Do They Do?

2) Where can I Locate an Old Obituary in Singapore?

3) Which Singapore obituary Posting Services are Available, and How Do I Submit an Obituary?

4) How Much Does it Cost to Have an Obituary Published in Singapore?

5) Online Obituaries vs. Paper Obituaries

What is an Obituary?

Notices of death are another name for obituaries in Singapore. They typically include the following details: a picture of the deceased, their name and any aliases, their age, the time they passed away, their family member’s names, the location of the wake, service and prayer information, the date and time of the cortège, burial and cremation information, and the contact information for any surviving relatives.

This information may be helpful if friends or acquaintances intend to stop by to offer their respects.

Obituaries in Singapore are frequently published in regional publications like the Straits Times and Lianhe Zaobao. However, given that they may be quickly shared on social media sites and messaging apps, digital obituaries have also recently gained popularity. The ability to publish links and map information directly on the obituary page is another benefit of digital obituaries. Additionally, they frequently cost less than print obituaries.

You can easily publish digital and printed obituaries concurrently with the aid of services like Obits.

How Can I Locate a Singaporean Archived Obituary?

Obits. Sg’s search engine provides the quickest way to locate a previously published obituary in Singapore, whether it was published digitally or in print. They keep a sizable archive of previously posted obituaries and memorials either printed in one of the neighbourhood newspapers or posted digitally on their platform.

Some obituaries are published on more difficult-to-find independent, smaller websites. However, they all have good search capabilities and user-friendly interfaces. 

However, the Immigration and Checkpoint Authority of Singapore maintains a database of birth and death records open to the public if you cannot locate an obituary on any of the sites and want to learn if someone has died away. You’ll need to put in extra work and spend $40 to get this information. You can start this process by going to the Online Birth and Death Extracts Application System to access this service.

What are The Many Singapore Obituary Posting Services Available, and How do I Use One?

In Singapore, obituaries can be published in various places, and each procedure is relatively simple. Let’s start by reviewing the features of each service.

Orbits Obituary

Obits are the most well-liked obituary posting service in Singapore right now. This service enables you to publish print obituaries in The Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Berita Harian, and Tamil Murasu, as well as digital obituaries in both publications.

Go to, register, select a print or digital obituary (or both), and start adding the necessary information to their website.

Obits offer the RSVP, Place Finder, and QR Code Memorial Plate capabilities, three distinctive features. Since the RSVP feature features a time slot booking and management mechanism, it can help you avoid having many people arrive at once during a pandemic. The Place Finder function records the precise location of your loved one’s final resting place on the Obits website. As a result, you can devote more time to paying respects and less time to finding the specific site. Last but not least, the QR Code Memorial Plate option will place a QR Code plate at the niche or tombstone of your loved one (a niche is a single compartment within the columbarium). Users will be taken to a Memorial Page on Obits where friends and family can contribute their recollections of the deceased when the QR Code is scanned. The precise location of the dead’s final resting place will also be listed on the memorial page.

You may test out the QR Code Memorial Plate feature by scanning the QR code below.

SPH Classifieds Obituary

The most popular way to do it is to place an obituary in one of the SPH newspapers, but it also tends to cost the most money (keep reading for a breakdown of costs).

Using the SPH Classifieds channel, you can publish print obituaries in publications, including the Straits Times, Lianhe Zaobao, Berita Harian, and Tamil Murasu. Before November 2014, all print obituary reservations had to be made in person at the SPH News Centre in Toa Payoh North during the following hours:

Monday to Friday: 8:30 am to 9:45 pm

Saturday: 12:30 pm to 9:45 pm.

Sunday and public holidays: 12:30 pm to 9 pm.

However, people may now make a reservation whenever it is most convenient for them, thanks to the online service offered by For last-minute reservations, call SPH Classified directly at +65 6319 5192, and a representative will contact you by email or WhatsApp. The next day’s print publication deadline is 5 pm, so upload your materials at least two hours beforehand to give yourself enough time to review a draft that will be given to you.

All print obituaries will also have a digital counterpart, thanks to SPH’s required digital add-on.

The Beautiful Memories Obituary

The Beautiful Memories is another well-liked Singapore obituary website. They were founded in August 2015 and have since emerged as one of Singapore’s most rapidly expanding obituary and memorial portals. They are mainly designed for digital, mobile, and social media platforms and their services.

The attention to detail on their obituary and memorial pages may distinguish The Beautiful Memories from other services. They go to great lengths to make every obituary and memorial page a memorable and beautiful experience. They put much importance on design and aesthetics since the platform should captivate the friends and relatives of the departed.

Friends and relatives can post notes, condolences, and recollections of the departed on every obituary and memorial page. The location of the wake and the dates and hours of significant activities are among the additional helpful details that are prominently shown. Additionally, each page contains simple-to-use share buttons that allow you to swiftly share the obituary page on social media websites or messaging services.

In addition to having an aesthetically appealing design palette, their website’s user interface is also quite simple to use and has a wealth of helpful information. There is a directory at the top of the page where you may seek different services like lawyers, financial planners, psychologists, undertakers, and funeral directors. A page explaining what to do in the event of a death in the family is also available. Since tragedies are seldom anticipated, having access to this information can be beneficial when things are hectic.

It is simple to post an obituary on the website. Enter the necessary information, and The Beautiful Memories will contact you the next business day.

In Singapore, How Much Does it Cost to Issue an Obituary?

Knowing how to post an obituary in Singapore is excellent, but arguably the most pressing concern for most people is how much it will cost. According to the platform and medium, it varies.

The most expensive choice is unquestionably placing a Singapore obituary in one of the neighbourhood newspapers. This makes sense because you buy advertising space in one of Singapore’s major publications.

An obituary in an SPH newspaper can be printed for as little as $790. Naturally, the cost will rise as the print size does as well. All SPH print obituaries also have a digital add-on.

However, a digital-only obituary on Obits will cost you $100 to post. Even though they are extra expenses, add-ons like the Memorial Page and QR Code Plate are priced at $5 annually and $28, respectively. As long as you subscribe, the Memorial Page and all its features, including the Place Finder and shared memories, will remain accessible.

On the other hand, writing an obituary on The Beautiful Memories costs $250 and includes all the features of their web portal, including the option to upload images and integrate social media. The page, however, is only live for a year.

You have various options because the costs for other websites that offer online obituaries range from $100 to $300. If you write an entirely digital obituary, consider Singapore-based services like Memories. In the end, the distinctive elements of each digital obituary platform distinguish them from one another.

Singaporean Obituaries: Digital vs. Print

Going completely digital with your obituary could seem like a no-brainer if you base your decision simply on cost. After all, they outlast all print media in terms of price, informational capacity, and interactivity (viewers can post comments and photographs).

However, it would help if you considered the older generation’s level of computer literacy as a very significant aspect. Yes, it is simple to distribute a digital obituary via Facebook or WhatsApp, but what if the deceased’s friends and acquaintances are older adults without smartphones? Many still acquire news from conventional sources like magazines, radio, and free-to-air television.

In Singapore, purchasing a page in the local newspaper for an obituary carries some prestige. The 14-page obituaries frequently feature potent people in charge of significant corporations.

Having said all, the age and socioeconomic position of the deceased’s friends and acquaintances are possibly the two most crucial aspects to consider in Singapore when picking between a digital and print obituary.

Obituaries: All Things Considered

Regardless of the Singapore obituary posting service you choose, it is wise to be aware of your options and the benefits that each one offers. Hopefully, this thorough information has assisted you in selecting the best course of action and streamlined the procedure.

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