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Christian Funeral Services

Care Bereavement Services in Singapore offers Christian Funeral Services for the entire family, including burial, cremation, and memorial services. We understand that every family is unique, so we offer various packages to suit your needs and budget.

Our funeral service packages are designed to meet your specific requirements, with complete flexibility of choice. Whether you are looking for a simple cremation or a more elaborate service with a full-blown ceremony with hymns and readings, we have what you need at an affordable price. We also offer special rates for families who would like to host their ceremonies at their church or elsewhere.

Our experienced team of professionals will help you through every step – from planning the service details to managing invitations and arranging transport arrangements if necessary. Your loved one deserves nothing but the best – we promise that our professional care will help ease some of the stress associated with arranging funerals so that you can focus on mourning your loss and celebrating life instead.

Standard Christian Funeral Services

3 days

Standard Christian Funeral Service


5 days

Standard Christian Funeral Service


Quality Casket For Christian Funeral Services

We understand the importance of providing dignified and respectful service to our customers at Care Bereavement Services. Our professional embalming and body care are performed by our experienced embalmers, who are specially trained in handling all situations.

  • A diamond-shaped white wooden casket with fine finishing and half glass for viewing.

When it comes to the final farewell, there is nothing more important than showing your loved ones the respect and dignity they deserve. That is why we provide quality caskets for Christian funeral services in Singapore.

We can help you select a casket that fits your budget and meets your needs, whether in style or price. Our products are designed with high-quality materials and offered at affordable prices. Our team of professionals will help you find the best solution for your needs.

Body Collection and Embalming

  • Manpower & Transportation

We have an extensive fleet of vehicles at our disposal to ensure that we can provide you with the best service. Our team members are also trained to handle delicate situations, so they will ensure that the entire process runs smoothly and efficiently.

A body is picked up from the hospital or home of the deceased. The body is transported to the funeral home and embalmed by a licensed embalmer. Then it is placed in a casket or alternative container and returned to the family. You can choose between traditional burial and cremation at care bereavement services in Singapore.

  • Professional Embalming & Body Care (Cleaning, Dressing & Make-up)

Our team will provide you with the best possible service in terms of professionalism and quality. We have provided this service to many families, and our reputation speaks for itself. We are well-equipped with modern facilities and equipment to ensure that your loved one is prepared for a dignified funeral service. 

Our staff will ensure that all our procedures are carried out according to religious requirements and family wishes. If you need help or have questions regarding this matter, feel free to contact us today!

Preparation Of Funeral Ceremony

Our professional team will help you decide on all aspects of your loved one’s funeral ceremony, including music selection, floral arrangements, and other decorative elements.

At Care Bereavement Services, we believe that every family has its own unique needs and requirements when it comes to preparing for the funeral ceremony. We understand that preparing for a funeral can be stressful, and we want to make this process as easy as possible for you. This is why we offer Preparation Of Funeral Ceremony services, including:

  • Curtains & Carpet in Casket Area

The casket area is one of the essential parts of a funeral service. It is where the deceased will be placed before it is lowered into the ground. It is also where mourners can pay their last respects before the casket is taken to its final resting place.

To ensure that everything goes well during this time, you must ensure that you have all the materials required for the job. This includes having curtains and carpets for your casket area.

  • Void Deck Enclosure

We are also one of the few companies that offer void deck enclosures. This is something that not all funeral homes can provide you with. The void deck enclosure is a beautiful way to remember your loved one. It allows you to keep their memory alive and is a great way to show respect for the deceased. 

Our void deck enclosure service protects the privacy of your loved one during the wake and funeral. It also provides a private space for family and friends to gather before and after the funeral service.

Our void deck enclosure comes in multiple designs and colors, so you can choose the one that best fits your needs and budget. We also have different sizes available, so you can choose one that suits your home perfectly.

  • Dignified Standard Christian-style backdrop

We offer dignified standard Christian-style backdrops for our clients who want something other than cremation or burial services provided by us. This means that we offer an ideal setting where your loved ones can lie in repose before their service begins or after they have been laid to rest if they were cremated or buried elsewhere.

Our approach is based on the belief that every life is significant and worthwhile. We strive to provide our clients with the highest quality of care to ensure their loved one is treated with respect and dignity during this time of grief.

  • Tables and chairs

Care Bereavement Services in Singapore offers Tables and chairs for rent. We provide a wide range of table and chair rental options, including round tables, rectangular tables, folding chairs, and outdoor furniture. This includes fifteen (15) square tables, ten (10) round tables, and one hundred (100) plastic chairs.

If you are looking for an affordable furniture rental company to meet your needs, then Care Bereavement Services is the one for you. We offer our clients a wide range of services to ensure they get the best quality furniture at reasonable prices.

  • Tablecloths & Seat Covers

Care Bereavement Services in Singapore offers Tablecloths & Seat Covers. Our specialized company is dedicated to delivering our clients the highest quality of service and products.

Our Tablecloths & Seat Covers range includes beautiful designs that perfectly complement any occasion or theme. From traditional tablecloths and seat covers to modern ones in lively colors, our collection has something for everyone.

  • Air Coolers

Care Bereavement Services in Singapore offers Air Coolers for those who have recently lost a loved one. We understand that the death of a loved one is a tough time, so we do our best to provide comfort and support to those who need it most.

The air cooler is a personal cooling device used at home to keep you cool during hot days. It also has other uses such as disinfection, deodorizing, air purification, and humidification. Our Air Coolers are handy when temperatures reach 40 degrees Celsius or more during the summer.

  • Safe Box

We are proud to offer the Safe Box service exclusively to our clients. The Safe Box aims to provide a haven for family members during loss. It is a secure storage facility where you can store items like jewelry or cash that were once precious to your loved ones but may become burdensome after they pass. Items stored in the Safe Box will be kept safe for as long as you need them – even after you pass away.

The Safe Box service is available to all families who need assistance with funeral arrangements and cannot attend their loved one’s funeral. The goal of this service is to give families time to make arrangements and prepare themselves before being present at the funeral.

  • Condolence Book

We provide a condolence book for families who are grieving over the loss of their loved ones. This book contains positive messages from family members, friends, or acquaintances who want to show their support during this difficult time. The messages may include words of encouragement or anything else that will bring comfort to the family members during this sad event.

The Condolence Book is not just a collection of messages but also a resource for people who need help dealing with their grief after losing someone close to them. It can provide information on support groups and counseling services available in Singapore, which can help them cope with their loss.

  • QR Code Contact Tracing and Safe Distancing measures.

Contact tracing is an effective way to locate other people exposed to the same pathogen as your loved one. It involves contacting these people through phone calls or emails to ask them about their health status. If they are well, then no further action needs to be taken. But if they are not well, they can be quarantined or treated before spreading diseases further within the community. This helps prevent further infections from occurring. 

Safe distancing refers to keeping yourself at a safe distance from others who the same pathogen may infect as your loved one. By doing so, you can avoid contacting them and thus reduce the risk of infection.

Photo Enlargement

Care Bereavement Services in Singapore is one of the most trusted and reliable providers of funeral services. We also offer a variety of photo enlargements, which are available at affordable prices. Our photo enlargements are made from high-quality materials, and they’re designed to last a lifetime. We offer a wide range of sizes to get the perfect photo enlargement at an affordable price.

Our photo enlargement service is designed to help you preserve memories and make them last forever. We have been providing this service for many years, so we know how to create fantastic results for our clients. Our team of experts will take care of everything from start to finish, so you don’t have to worry about anything.

    • 1 Photo Enlargement (10″ by 12″)
    • 6 Passport-sized photos

Floral Arrangement

Floral arrangements are a beautiful and thoughtful way to express your condolences to the family. The arrangement can be chosen according to the deceased’s age, gender, or any other preferences mentioned in the obituary or funeral program.

At Care Bereavement Services, our floral designers will work with you to create a unique floral bouquet that speaks to your relationship with the deceased. We can also coordinate with cemeteries on your behalf, so you don’t have to worry about anything else while grieving.

Care Bereavement Services in Singapore is a leading provider of funeral products and services for the departed. We are committed to providing our customers with the best service possible, whether you are looking for a simple cremation or extravagant burial.

  • A Floral Frame of 11″ by 13″ (1 piece)
  • Flowers Arrangements to suit Christian set up

Why choose Care Bereavement for your Christian Funeral Services?

Funeral services are one of the most critical milestones in a person’s life. If you are looking for Christian funeral services to celebrate the life of someone special, you will find that Care Bereavement in Singapore is the right place to turn. Our funeral homes have a long history of providing families with quality service and excellent facilities.

We offer many different types of services that range from cremation to burial. You can choose from our wide selection of funeral packages that allow you to personalize your loved one’s final farewell. We also assist in planning your memorial service or wake so that you can focus on other arrangements for your loved one.

Our professional staff is highly trained and experienced in helping families through this difficult time. We are committed to providing excellent service and understanding how difficult it can be during this emotionally challenging time. We want to help make things easier for you so that you can plan the best possible service for your loved one without worrying about running out of things to do.


Casket and Embalming Services

  • 24 Hours Transfer Service
  • Half Glass Cremation Casket
  • Embalming & Make-up Service
  • Pillow, Blanket and Pearl
  • Booking of Cremation Slot

Preparation of Funeral Venue

  • 18 ft Enclosure of Casket area
  • Beige Theme Curtains and Carpet Setup
  • Tables & Chairs (based on Covid measures) Lightings, 6 fans & 2 units of Air Coolers.
  • Funeral Notices, Safe box and Record Book
  • Elder Friendly Mobile Toilet (1 unit)
  • OR Choice of Funeral Parlour (feature varies)

Buddhist Memorial Setup

  • Memorial Setup, Buddhist Chanting Altar
  • 1 Fresh Floral Frame + 4 Fresh Table Flowers
  • Photo Enlargement + 6 Passport Size Photo
  • Daily Ceremonial Support Team Assistance

Ceremonial Prayer Items

  • Joss Incense Items for placing into the casket and standard accessories for prayer use
  • Wooden tablet with Lotus Engraving
  • Mourning badges

Buddhist Enlightenment Service

  • Encoffin and Funeral Prayers Ceremony
  • 3 Session Enlightenment Chanting
  • 3 Sets of Fruits and Food Offerings Included

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Pallbearers in Full Suit for Send-off
  • Final Tribute Ceremony
  • FULL GLASS Mercedes Benz Hearse (1 Trip)
  • Appreciation Gifts for guest (40 units)
  • 45 pax Bus Transportation (Round Trip)

Post Funeral Care

  • Floral Water Setup
  • House Blessing and Tablet Placement Prayers
  • Ash Collection service & Accessories
  • 49, 100 Days & Yearly Prayer Advice

Void Deck Funeral Package

3 days Buddhist Funeral Package

$5,188 (add day $250)

5 days Buddhist Funeral Package

$5,688 (add day $250)

3 Days Funeral Parlour Package

Sin Ming Funeral Parlour

$6,088 (add day $600)

Singapore Memorial Hall

$6,238 (add day $650)

AYS Memorial Hall

$6,838 (add day $650)

Teochew Funeral Parlour

$6,208 (add day $600)

Singapore Funeral Parlour

$9,008 (add day $1600)

Singapore Funeral Parlour (Medium Hall)

$10,058 (add day $1908)


Consignment Products/Optional Add on Services

Fridge (Per Day $40), Funeral Attire, Refreshments, Offerings of Fruit baskets, Music Band or Traditional Drums.

Cremation / Burial fees, Niche, Tablet Pedestal, Columbarium / Cemetery, Grave Construction Charges.