Care Bereavement Services

Overseas Repatriation Funeral Packages


Repatriation from Singapore (Outbound) Singapore to Any Other Country

  • Collection of body from home/hospice/hospital.
  • Provision of required paperwork to acquire the coffin export permit from Port Health.
  • Handle all logistics required for sending of body back to homeland.
  • Provision of an air-conditioned holding parlour while waiting for customs clearance.
  • Provision of a translator to facilitate clear communication between bereaved family and us.
  • Liaison with overseas funeral home and /or undertaker to receive the body and casket.
  • Freight Charges and Airway Bill to ship human remains.
  • Authentication of all required documents for airport and airline clearance.

Repatriation to Singapore (Inbound) Any Other Country Back to Singapore

  • Handle all essential paperwork and logistics in order to avoid pointless delays overseas.
  • Seamless transition for bereaved family flying back to Singapore.
  • Allocation of Funeral Director to accompany and advise the bereaved family overseas if required.
  • Booking of air tickets for bereaved families flying back to Singapore.
  • Endorsement of all required documents for airport and airline clearance.
  • Application of Import Permit from Port Health and obtaining the Permit to Cremate/Burial.
  • Liaison with overseas funeral homes and/or undertakers to take instructions.

Price: $1,998