Care Bereavement Services

Standard Taoist Funeral Package


Quality Casket For Taoist Funeral Services

  • A well-polished casket with half-glass for viewing. (Available in 2 colours)

Body Collection And Embalming

  • Manpower & Transportation
  • Professional Embalming & Body Care (Cleaning, Dressing & Make up)

Preparation Of Ceremony

  • Curtains & Carpet in Casket Area
  • Void Deck Enclosure
  • Dignified Standard Taoist-style backdrop
  • Taoist Memorial Altar Arrangement
  • Taoist Blanket, Pearl, and Pillow Set (1 Unit)
  • Fifteen (15) square tables
  • Ten (10) round tables
  • One Hundred (100) plastic chairs
  • Tablecloths & Seat Covers
  • Air Cooler
  • Mourning Garments i.e. White T-Shirts & Pants
  • Safe Box
  • Condolence Book
  • QR Code Contact Tracing and Safe Distancing measures.

Photo Enlargement

  • 1 Photo Enlargement (10" by 12")
  • 6 Passport-sized photos

Void Deck Funeral Package

3 days Taoist Funeral Package (Cantonese / Hainanese)

$7,488 (add day $350)

3 days Taoist Funeral Package (Hokkien / Teochew)

$8,488 (add day $350)

5 days Taoist Funeral Package (Cantonese / Hainanese)

$9,188 (add day $350)

5 days Taoist Funeral Package (Hokkien / Teochew)

$8,488 (add day $500)

3 Days Funeral Parlour Package

Sin Ming Funeral Parlour

$7,988 (add day $600)

Singapore Memorial Hall

$8,138 (add day $650)

AYS Memorial Hall

$8,738 (add day $650)

Teochew Funeral Parlour

$8,118 (add day $600)

Singapore Funeral Parlour

$11,008 (add day $1600)

Singapore Funeral Parlour (Medium Hall)

$11,958 (add day $1908)


Floral Arrangement

  • A Floral Frame of 11" by 13" (1 piece)
  • Fresh Flowers Arrengement on Altar Tables

Paper Products for Taoist Funeral Services

  • Funeral Lanterns appropriate for the respective dialects (1 pair)
  • Paper House depending on the respective dialects (8ft)
  • Gold and Silver mountains (1 set)
  • Guardian Angels (Golden Boy/Jade Girl) (1 pair)
  • Clothing Chest Box
  • Paper Safe Box

Priest Chanting Ceremony for Taoist Funeral

  • One chanting session while transferring the body into the coffin (1 priest)
  • Priest attendance & rituals before departing to the crematorium (1 Priest)
  • Performed during the Rites of funeral wake while on the last night (3 Priests)

Taoist Food Offerings

  • Food Offering Dishes and Fruits for Encoffining
  • Food Offering Dishes on the Last Night
  • Food Offering Dishes on the Funeral Day

Taoist Funeral Day Services

  • Folded Small Towel Gift Sets with coins.
  • Professional Pallbearer Services on Funeral Day
  • Ritual assistant and lantern bearers
  • Standard Glass Hearse or a choice of Traditional Hearse

Mandai Cremation Fee

  • Book Cremation Slot
  • Mandai Cremation Fee

Post Funeral Service

  • Ash Collection Service
  • Blessed water setup with crisp flowers
  • Post Funeral Customary Advice for (7th, 49th, 100th day, 1st and 3rd year)


  • One (1) unit of mobile toilet available at $80 per day, and one (1) unit of chiller available at $50 per day, portable basin at $60 per funeral are non-inclusive in the funeral package.
  • Food catering, drinks, misc. consumables such as peanuts, melon seeds, etc are billed on consignment basis.
  • Incense papers, joss sticks, paper products etc are billed separately, Consumers may choose to be billed on a consignment basis or take up our economical praying items package. Our funeral director will advise you accordingly depending on the dialect group.
  • Additional chanting like "Siang Tng" or "Seh Hong" prayer is available at an additional charge, which is not inclusive in the funeral package. Items to be added are non-exhaustive and fully customisable depending on the individual's needs.
  • Post funeral priest chanting sessions (7th/49th/100th days prayer sessions etc)