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Taoist Funeral Services

Preparing for a funeral is not something you can do in a day. You must ensure that everything is according to the deceased’s wishes and that all their loved ones are comfortable with the arrangements.


Our Taoist Funeral Services cater to our client’s individual needs and requirements. We understand that each person has different values and spiritual beliefs. With this in mind, we provide a wide range of services to suit your needs and preferences.


We offer low-cost Taoist Funeral Services in Singapore that covers all the basic needs and requirements for a Taoist Funeral Service. Our Taoist Funeral Service begins at $7,488 for a three-day service.


Standard Taoist Funeral Services


3 days

Standard Taoist Funeral Service


5 days

Standard Taoist Funeral Service


The most important part of our Taoist Funeral Services is that we provide all necessary general needs and requirements for a Taoist Funeral Service in Singapore. Our services include:


Quality Casket For Taoist Funeral Services


  • A well-polished casket with half-glass for viewing. (Available in 2 colours)

The casket is an essential part of the funeral. It serves as a physical representation of your loved one. It is also the last thing people see when they say goodbye to the deceased.


Body Collection And Embalming


  • Manpower & Transportation

We provide manpower and transportation to carry out the body collection and transport services. Our vehicles are cleaned regularly to ensure the highest level of hygiene is maintained throughout our fleet.


  • Professional Embalming & Body Care (Cleaning, Dressing & Make up)

Our embalmers will then prepare the body for cremation or burial by draining all fluids from the body, disinfecting it, applying makeup, and dressing it in an appropriate casket.


Preparation Of Ceremony


  • Curtains & Carpet in Casket Area

A curtain is placed around the casket area to give a serene, private atmosphere for loved ones to visit and pray. A carpet in front of the casket adds warmth and comfort to visitors’ feet.


  • Void Deck Enclosure

Funeral wakes are now held on void decks for practical rather than superstitious reasons, as they allow bereaved family members to rest at home and neighbors to attend the wake.


  • Dignified Standard Taoist-style backdrop

The backdrop is made with care, using traditional techniques and materials. The colors are chosen carefully to complement each other and suit your preferences.


  • Taoist Memorial Altar Arrangement

Taoist Memorial Altar is a customary ritual usually held in the morning before the funeral service. The altar is set up in a separate room and is decorated with auspicious items and flowers.


  • Taoist Blanket, Pearl, and Pillow Set (1 Unit)

This traditional Chinese funeral product prepares the body before the funeral. Many families widely use it in preparing their deceased loved ones before they are laid to rest.


  • Tables and Chairs

We will provide tables and chairs so that guests will not find it hard to come in and out of the venue. Also, they can be comfortable while waiting for the funeral service to begin. We will lay out 15 square tables, 10 round tables, and 100 plastic chairs for your guests to sit.


  • Tablecloths & Seat Covers

We offer tablecloths and seat covers for Taoist funerals, which are specially designed by us using high-quality fabrics to last long without any issues. These are usually used as part of the rituals and ceremonies performed to honor the deceased.


  • Air Cooler

Air Coolers are used during Taoist funerals because they maintain clean air during the ceremony, which helps keep foul odors and insects from entering the premises.


  • Mourning Garments i.e. White T-Shirts & Pants

Mourning Garments are the traditional dress of people who have attended a wake or funeral. Our Mourning Garments are made from high-quality fabric with good stitching and double-side hemmed to ensure durability.


  • Safe Box

The Safe Box is designed to keep the deceased’s personal items from being stolen or misused during the funeral service. All valuables will be kept safe and secure during funeral services, preventing unfortunate incidents.


  • Condolence Book

The Condolence Book is a unique and innovative service that allows people to leave messages of condolence, sympathy, or support at the funeral home before the funeral service begins. It is an essential part of the Taoist funeral ceremony where loved ones can say goodbye to their departed loved ones before they enter the afterlife.


  • QR Code Contact Tracing and Safe Distancing measures

Care Bereavement Funeral Services Singapore offers QR Code Contact Tracing and Safe Distancing measures for Taoist Funeral Service. The QR code allows family members who have arrived at the funeral parlor to scan it using their smartphones or tablets.


Photo Enlargement


The purpose of photo enlargement is to enlarge the image of your loved one during the funeral service. The photos can be used as a backdrop or as part of the floral arrangement.


It is common practice to have these photos enlarged and displayed during a funeral ceremony. It helps create a more personalized experience for everyone coordinating and organizing the funeral service.


  • 1 Photo Enlargement (10″ by 12″)
  • 6 Passport-sized photos

Why choose Care Bereavement Services?


Care Bereavement Services is one of the best funeral services in Singapore. We offer quality, affordability, and convenience regarding your end-of-life arrangements. As your trusted funeral home, we will guide you through the entire process of planning a funeral service with compassion and understanding.


Our friendly agents will assist you through every step, from choosing an appropriate casket or urn to making arrangements for transportation. Our experienced team will be able to help you with any questions you may have regarding these items, so feel free to give us a call today!



Casket and Embalming Services

  • 24 Hours Transfer Service
  • Half Glass Cremation Casket
  • Embalming & Make-up Service
  • Pillow, Blanket and Pearl
  • Booking of Cremation Slot

Preparation of Funeral Venue

  • 18 ft Enclosure of Casket area
  • Beige Theme Curtains and Carpet Setup
  • Tables & Chairs (based on Covid measures) Lightings, 6 fans & 2 units of Air Coolers.
  • Funeral Notices, Safe box and Record Book
  • Elder Friendly Mobile Toilet (1 unit)
  • OR Choice of Funeral Parlour (feature varies)

Buddhist Memorial Setup

  • Memorial Setup, Buddhist Chanting Altar
  • 1 Fresh Floral Frame + 4 Fresh Table Flowers
  • Photo Enlargement + 6 Passport Size Photo
  • Daily Ceremonial Support Team Assistance

Ceremonial Prayer Items

  • Joss Incense Items for placing into the casket and standard accessories for prayer use
  • Wooden tablet with Lotus Engraving
  • Mourning badges

Buddhist Enlightenment Service

  • Encoffin and Funeral Prayers Ceremony
  • 3 Session Enlightenment Chanting
  • 3 Sets of Fruits and Food Offerings Included

Funeral Day Arrangements

  • Pallbearers in Full Suit for Send-off
  • Final Tribute Ceremony
  • FULL GLASS Mercedes Benz Hearse (1 Trip)
  • Appreciation Gifts for guest (40 units)
  • 45 pax Bus Transportation (Round Trip)

Post Funeral Care

  • Floral Water Setup
  • House Blessing and Tablet Placement Prayers
  • Ash Collection service & Accessories
  • 49, 100 Days & Yearly Prayer Advice

Void Deck Funeral Package

3 days Buddhist Funeral Package

$5,188 (add day $250)

5 days Buddhist Funeral Package

$5,688 (add day $250)

3 Days Funeral Parlour Package

Sin Ming Funeral Parlour

$6,088 (add day $600)

Singapore Memorial Hall

$6,238 (add day $650)

AYS Memorial Hall

$6,838 (add day $650)

Teochew Funeral Parlour

$6,208 (add day $600)

Singapore Funeral Parlour

$9,008 (add day $1600)

Singapore Funeral Parlour (Medium Hall)

$10,058 (add day $1908)


Consignment Products/Optional Add on Services

Fridge (Per Day $40), Funeral Attire, Refreshments, Offerings of Fruit baskets, Music Band or Traditional Drums.

Cremation / Burial fees, Niche, Tablet Pedestal, Columbarium / Cemetery, Grave Construction Charges.